Giant Inflatables of any size or shape.

Nothing makes a bigger impression than Custom Giant Inflatables of your product, mascot or logo. Guaranteed to steal the show at publicity events, grand openings, sporting events, sales promotions, parades, trade shows and conventions, community events and more.

From individual Custom Inflatables to coordinated marketing programs, Bigger Than Life Advertising is YOUR inflatable advertising source.


Our extensive lines of custom advertising balloons from small sealed miniatures to Giants, they are designed to fill an assortment of marketing needs. Our creative design department can help you create an unforgettable promotion if you need assistance. In addition, we offer integrated programs to stretch your budget dollars and maximize exposure.

Everything Inflatable and More

Bigger Than Life is your foremost resourse for a full line of custom cold air giant inflatables, 3D billboard extensions, inflatable costumes, hot air balloon shapes (great for roof tops), electric displays, sports booths, miniature P-O-P inflatables, advertising marine inflatables, balloons, banners and more!

With the ultimate objective of increasing your sales, we offer a full line of custom-made advertising balloons designed to:

Build awareness of your brand
Cut through the clutter around your product
Giant Inflatables Dominate your outdoor events and in-store promotions
Project a quality image of your company